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KULTURisk involves Barcelonnette's stakeholders

posted 7 May 2012, 01:49 by Leonardo Alfonso

One of the key activities within the KULTURisk project is to engage the stakeholders within the framework of developing a culture of risk prevention. From 16 to 19 April a team of scientists and scientists trainees coming from the synergetic projects KULTURisk and Changes visited Barcelonnette, France. Changes is a FP7 project that stands for Changing Hydro-meteorological Risks as Analyzed by a New Generation of European Scientists.

During the visit, different topics under research were presented by KULTURisk scientists and PhD students of Changes project. In particular, diverse aspects of risk management (from process understanding to risk planning, mitigation measures, early warning, risk communication) were presented to stakeholders of the Ubaye-Blanche sub-region, cluster of municipalities of Ubaye river, the major of Barcelonnette, the sub-prefecture of Alpes-de-Haute Provence Department and the Barcelonnette fire brigade.

Participants KULTURisk 
· Leonardo Alfonso, UNESCO-IHE (project manager) 
· Stefano Balbi, CORILA - University of Venice
· Paola Trevisan, CORILA - University of Venice
· Giuseppe Cirella, CORILA - University of Venice
· Sebastien Norbert, Kings College London
· Micah Mukolwe, UNESCO-IHE, PhD student

Participants Changes 
· Thom Bogaard, TUD and UNESCO-IHE
· Marie Charriere, TUD
· Kathrin Prenger‐ Berninghoff IRM, Poland, TU Dortmund)
· Teresa Sprague, TU Dortmund
· Romy Schlögel ,CNRS, Strasbourg
· Korbinian Breinl, PLUS
· Thea Turkington, ITC, UT

Objectives of the visit from KULTURisk perspective
· To show local stakeholders involved in spatial planning how 2D modelling can be used to create flood maps (synergies with Korbinian Breinl, PhD student Changes project)
· To know how local stakeholders are involved in communication of flood risk at different institutions (synergies with Marie Charriere, PhD student Changes project)
· To understand aspects of flood directive implementation; oversee the risk communication with framework and methodology participation