Educational material

LISFLOOD-FP is a numerical model for flood hazard mapping that has been further developed within the KULTURisk project. A downloadable shareware version of the LISFLOOD‐FP flood hazard mapping model, including executable, test files and user manual, developed by the University of Bristol is available here. Since the start of KultuRisk project there have been 142 downloads of the model by a wide variety of research end users.

A series of computer-based exercises are available to download, designed for independent learning. They have been written as part of the KULTURisk project, by our partner Bristol University. Aimed at undergraduate level and above, they introduce users to numerical flood modelling using both hypothetical and real-life data, and then use the results to create risk maps, estimate uncertainty and look at flood prevention measures. Each exercise provides background information, further reading and a detailed worked example including all necessary data files. Answer documents are provided to allow users to check their working.

A simplified-scaled-down application of the KULTURisk methodology (developed recently by Balbi et al. (2012)) applied to a 'pseudo catchment'; the Alpha Catchment, is presented. The application shall be broken down into two main aspects: Regional risk assessment and Economic regional risk assessment. Although the methodology has a social aspect of risk assessment it is not covered for the scope and time limitations (interested readers are referred to Balbi et al., 2012).